TIE Q&A – What is the TIE Card?

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Spain-UK-Brexit*All information updated as of the 6th Jan 2021 for the Cadiz and Malaga province, however the situation is evolving as we proceed into 2021 and so is subject to change. Please also check Multilingual Services Facebook page for regular updates.

What is the TIE Card?

On July 6th, UK citizens registering as residents in Spain started to be issued with a new type of residency card, the TIE.

A TIE is a “Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero” which is an identity card for foreigners. It’s issued to non-EU residents in Spain who have been authorized to stay in Spain for a period longer than six months.

The TIE will effectively act as a guarantee that you will hold on to the same rights relating to residency, freedom of movement and social security.

Officially, you need to apply for your TIE within 30 days of your arrival in Spain but as long as you book your appointment within these 30 days you meet the criteria.

Do I need to get a TIE?

Yes, you do, although the urgency will vary based on your current circumstance.

Because the UK was part of the EU you were entitled to be in Spain under freedom of movement. After the Brexit deadline this will no longer be the case and you will need to prove that you are entitled to be in Spain like all other non EU citizens.

If I get a TIE will my spouse/partner/family also need to apply?

Yes, they will also need to apply.

The TIE is individual to the person so a single TIE would not cover your partner, spouse or family as well. A separate application will need to be made for each person.

What is the deadline to apply for the TIE if I am already living in Spain?

If you have the green A4 or small residency card, then you can change them to a TIE card any time before their expiry – there is no specific deadline for this yet.

For individuals or families living in the Cadiz and Malaga provinces who can prove they have been living in Spain before the 31/12/2020 with a valid rental agreement/padron or house deed, you will still be able to apply as normal after the 1st Jan 2021 deadline.

Is it the same deadline if I arrived in Spain after the 1st Jan 2021?

No, you will have to apply for your residency as a non-EU member.

The documentation will be sent to Cadiz for approval and could take up to 3 months before we hear back. This is the standard procedure for all non-EU members. A TIE will still be obtained but a VISA may also be required.

Still unsure? See the chart below

How long does the application take?

The application process is completed in 3 stages and takes roughly 2/3 months to complete. This can take longer if you are applying as a non-EU member.

What does a TIE Card look like?

A TIE card is issued by the National Police. It’s a hard plastic card which has your photo, name, surname, date of birth, NIE number, nationality and your address on the back of your card.


How to apply for TIE card

If you need to apply for your TIE please contact Multilingual services using the below details:

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