Gibraltar is the most convenient place to live for Gibraltar workers. Although accommodation is more expensive than Spain, money is saved on the commute and it is ideal for those with children, as the schooling is English speaking, and free for Gibraltar residents. A modern, 1 – 2 bedroom apartment would cost usually £1000 – £1,500 in the Ocean village area (including shared pool) but there are cheaper options and good family options in other areas such as Southside for a range of budgets. You also don’t need a car if you live in Gibraltar as everything is with in walking distance and buses are regular.

La Linea & Campamento

La Linea is the border town to Gibraltar and one of the most popular places to live for Gibraltar workers. Only a short work to the border of Gibraltar, it is not necessary to have a car if you live in La Linea. La Linea is a typical Spanish working town but with lots of tapas bars and shops. Although there are beaches in La Linea, it is not a typical Spanish tourist or holiday destination and is not set in luxury surroundings. Living in La Linea is ideal for young people and singles who work in Gibraltar, and want to make the most of Gibraltar and La Linea social life, but don’t want to pay Gibraltar prices.  There is also a bus station with links to many cities and areas of interest.  A typical 2-3 bedroom apartment in La Linea costs €500 -€800 (sometimes including shared pool).  Campamento is a little further out and a little cheaper and quieter than La Linea if you are happy to ride to work on a bicycle or moped. It’s quite typical for single people to chose to live in La Linea or Campamemto for the first year before settling somewhere further along the coast.

Santa Margarita

Santa Margarita is around 10 minutes drive to Gibraltar. A newly built area being very quiet and safe, it is an ideal location for families and those wanting an easy commute to Gibraltar. Santa Margarita is very quiet with only one small supermarket. There is a wide selection of houses and apartments ranging from around €600 – €800 for a two bedroom, newly built apartment, often including a shared pool.

San Roque

San Roque is a traditional Spanish town, about 15 minutes drive, high-up in land. Having its own bull ring, San Roque retains its Spanish charm and is a safe and attractive place to live, ideal for families. It is recommended to speak Spanish to live here.  The town has some villas and townhouses, with accommodation ranging from €600.


Alcaidesa approximately 15 minutes drive from Gibraltar and also a very quiet area with only a couple of bars, shops and restaurants. It retains a traditional Andalucian charm making it a safe and attractive place to live. There is a wide range of accommodation, very popular for families and professional couples, townhouses are the most common form of accommodation, ranging from around €700 per month.


Sotogrande is about a 20 minutes drive to the border of Gibraltar and a very sought after area to live. Popular with both the British and Europeans, Sotogrande is famous for Golf and Polo, attracting even the royal family. There is an international school in Sotogrande, so it is popular for British and European families with children at school age. The port of Sotogrande offers a similar setting to the popular Puerto Banus, with luxury yachts and cars surrounding prestigious bars and restaurants. Prices for accommodation can be high starting from around €800 +, there is a great choice of luxury villas, apartments and townhouses for those wishing to enjoy the Soto lifestyle and the short commute.


Torreguadiaro is only a 15 minutes walk to Sotogrande port and is a small village with a row of shops, tapas bars and restaurants.  The quality and choice of food is excellent with some of the best rated and coolest tapas bars in the Sotogrande area.  Being mostly Spanish populated, but still has many British and Europeans visiting from other towns for lunches and evening meals.  There is a range of apartments and villas in the village, usually a little less expensive than in Sotogrande itself but more rustic and having not as much choice as some of the other areas.  An apartment in Torreguadiaro ranges from approximately €700+.

Guadiaro, Pueblo Nuevo, San Enrique & San Martin del Tesorillo

These are small quaint towns close to Sotogrande but further inland.  They have small commercial areas with some tapas bars and shops.  A traditional setting with some English owned shops, it’s also possible to get by with spoken English and some basic Spanish, although the more inland you go the more rural it will become, so Spanish will be more a necessity.  The prices of accommodation are fair, being less expensive than Sotogrande.  The types of houses are usually a traditional style of townhouse and apartments with no pool access, although more modern accommodation can be found.  A typical townhouse would cost between €500 – €800.  You can also find traditional Fincas (small rural Spanish houses) in these areas.

Duquesa (Manilva)

A reasonable commute of 30 minutes, Duquesa is a very popular choice for couples and families wanting the best of all 3 worlds, having good value accommodation, pretty surroundings and a lively social life. Duquesa is popular for holiday makers, with many British people owning holiday apartments here. It is very busy in peak summer, all year round at weekends, with cafes, restaurants, late bars and discos all in an ideal setting at Duquesa port, surrounded by boats and pretty apartments.  A typical 2 bedroom apartment will only cost around €500+, but there is greater range of larger townhouses and luxury apartments from €700 – €1000.  Out of all the areas, Duquesa generally has the best range and availability of accommodation.

Sabinillas (Manilva)

Sabinillas is the next town along from Duquesa, and only a few minutes’ walk along the beach. It is ideal for those who want the best of all 3 worlds, low cost accommodation, pretty surroundings and a lively social life with many tapas bars and restaurants on the beach, and only a short walk from bustling Duquesa. The difference from Duquesa is that Sabinillas is largely occupied by Spanish residents rather than English, and most of the bars, restaurants and shops are Spanish owned. Typically, the apartments or houses are located near the town and beach area (rather than up in the hills) and often don’t have shared pools. Accommodation ranges from around €400 – €600.

Casares Costa

Casares is the next town from Sabinillas, and takes around 35 minutes to drive to Gibraltar. It is a quiet place to live, but still within easy reach to Sabinillas, Duquesa and Estepona, and is another very famous golfing destination. Accommodation here is popular for Gibraltar workers, as the standards are very high and the costs very low. Popular for luxury townhouses, prices range from only €500 – €700 for large sized, modern and fully furnished townhouses or 3 bedroom apartments including a shared pool.  Being inland, Casares is a beautiful drive and a famous gastro area with stunning ventas (Spanish roadside restaurants).

Los Barrios & Algeciras

Los Barrios & Algeciras are close to Gibraltar, around a 20 minute drive.  Very traditional Spanish towns, with a port and commercial areas.  Spanish is necessary to live in these areas.  Very good value accommodation can be found here, ranging from around €350 for an apartment and the style will be typically Spanish and rustic.


A 45 minutes drive to Gibraltar, this is the windsurfing capital of Europe and has amazing beaches, comparable to some of the most exotic places in the world. Very popular for the “surf crowd”, it attracts many travelers and young tourists from all over Europe and has many campsites. Surf style beach bars and a lively town, make Tarifa a great lifestyle choice. However, with the relatively long commute, many people like to enjoy weekend camping in Tarifa instead of actually living there. It can also be extremely windy on the beaches and throughout the town, but this is something its residents get used to. Accommodation ranges from around €600.


Estepona is the next town along from Casares, and about a 40 minutes drive to Gibraltar. A typically Spanish town but it is also popular for expats and holiday makers. Estepona is bustling with bars, cafes and tapas bars, and being a good value place to live. In this very large town there is a huge choice of apartments up in the hills, or in the town center itself. Prices range from approx €450 – €700+.  There is also a large bus station with direct buses to Malaga Airport and many other destinations along the coast.