What if an employer asks you to complete a Psychometric Test before being offered the job?

By 21st August 2017News

An Overview of Pre-Employment Aptitude Tests

By Jennifer Feldman

Pre-employment aptitude tests are becoming increasingly common with each passing year. Employers have learned that they can save valuable time and money by thoroughly screening candidates before hiring them. That being said, understanding the differences between various aptitude tests can be difficult. I am here to give you a mini overview of the different tests.

Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning tests measure a candidate’s ability to understand numerical information and data. In your day-to-day job as a pilot, you will be required to understand numerical information and make quick calculations.

Verbal Reasoning

Verbal reasoning tests assess a candidate’s ability to understand and draw conclusions from texts. As a pilot, you will need to follow instructions given to you in a written text and make decisions based on that information.

Spatial Reasoning and Orientation

As a pilot, it is essential to have a strong command of spatial reasoning and orientation. In the spatial reasoning test, you will be required to manipulate two- and three-dimensional shapes, answer questions related to mirror images, and understand different perspectives.

Mechanical Reasoning

The mechanical reasoning test measures a pilot’s technical comprehension, understanding of physics, and familiarity with mechanical concepts. Your ability to draw information from mechanical diagrams will be assessed.

Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning tests measure a candidate’s ability to understand non-verbal information and use this information to solve problems.

Personality Test

Some companies may have their applicants take a personality test. The aim of this test is to assess your personality profile and determine if you have the characteristics needed to be a good pilot.

How Can I Prepare for my Upcoming Aptitude Test?

First and foremost, contact your recruiter and find out which test you are going to sit. Make sure to ask which assessment company is providing the test. Every assessment company’s test is different in style and content. Then practice in advance by taking practice psychometric tests, reviewing study tips, and taking tutorials. In this competitive job market, you need to ensure you do all it takes to land the job. Gone are the days of winging it during the hiring process.


This article was contributed by Jennifer Feldman. She is a speech and language expert and blogger at JobTestPrep. She specializes in writing about the employment hiring process.  JobTestPrep is a market leader in preparation for job assessment exams. It has helped more than 500,000 people achieve their academic and career goals.