Living My Dream – working as a Technical Recruiter (relocating Java & Web experts to Gibraltar that is!)

By 12th February 2018News
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I have been living in Southern Spain for 7 years now. I always kind of knew that I wouldn’t stay in Poland forever but never imagined my life would be so great in Southern Spain.

Working in Gibraltar and living in Spain is a common way of life for those who decided to pursue a career in the iGaming industry (and soon in the crypto industry). Crossing the border twice a day is not a problem if you choose to walk or go by bicycle or motorbike. I admit entering Gibraltar by car is very courageous given that not many parking spaces are available in general, let alone on a busy Monday morning.

Most online gaming companies decided to place their offices very close to the border so that it is easily accessible on foot (we are talking a maximum 15min walk from the border, often a lot less). I personally park my car at the border and then I cross on a bicycle.

My specialism lies in finding technical experts. There is a constant need for Java Developers in Gibraltar (you need to know at least Java 7, Maven, Spring, RESTful APIs); the right candidates can look at a salary bracket of £40,000-£45,000 for mid level Software Engineers and around £55,000 for Senior Java Developers.

For Front End Web Developers looking to bring some sunshine to their lives the requirements usually are: JavaScript, Reactjs, Redux, AngularJS, HTML5, Node.js. Depending on the level of experience and expertise the salaries can be between £45,000 and £70,000. Because I am an agent searching for many differnet clients I tend to find I have a few roles in this field simultaneously all year long.

The online gaming companies generally offer relocation packages to candidates they like and usually it is an equivalent of £2,000 – all this to ensure that your move is hassle free and you have one thing off your list before coming here. They (and we!) offer all the support you and your family would need to transfer your life to one in the sun seamlessly and smoothly.

During my career as a recruitment consultant I have relocated about 70 happy candidates. Obviously not all of them stayed here, but a vast majority did. Most of those who started a few years ago have progressed and are in expert or lead positions – it makes me happy and proud to see this progression and success!

People who are looking ot relocate usually have a desire to exprience a better quality of life – whilst not moving too far from friends, family and the culture they are used to. Gibraltar ticks all the boxes for those people who are looking for a decent salary, a low cost of living and a great lifesytle – there aen’t many things that can beat laying on a beach drinking a cold sangria after work).

I, perosnally appreciate the weather, coming from a very cold and grey country and every time I check the weather app in February, it’s -5 in Poland. However, yesterday in February we had 19 degrees and spent all day outside playing on the beach with the kids. My usual weekends are going away for a day or two – in winter time to Sierra Nevada, in summer travelling up the coast to places like Tarifa, Bolonia, Puerto de Santa Maria, and Cadiz to name a few! I also visit Seville very often where I frequent museums, exhibitions and of course flamenco shows! Andalucia is so diverse and has so much to offer that everyone can find something they love here.

Not everything is perfect. But to me, given the lifestyle, family and friends I have, its a very near thing.

If you are thinking about moving to Gibraltar and you would like me to be your consultant please message me, I will be happy to help you! My email is