Are you a job hopper and how important is having a solid CV in today’s market?

By 13th December 2017News
job hopper

I don’t think I have ever heard a candidate say “I’m a job hopper”.  They might say instead, “I know that I’ve my CV looks a bit jumpy but…….” And then they will explain the reason (or variety of reasons).  It could be due to any number of factors such as family circumstances, seasonal employment, working in the temp or contract market, redundancy, relocation….  I don’t think any person would like to admit they are a job hopper because it has negative connotations such as disloyalty, a problematic employee or someone who is unable to commit to long term employment.


When recruiting for the permanent market in Gibraltar our clients do prefer candidates with solid CV’s rather than those they view as Job Hoppers.  An exception might be if someone has stayed in the same position for many years without a promotion as it may come across as a lack of ambition or ability but even this type of CV is preferred over the job hopper.


Those who are very career conscious might stay in a job they don’t like for longer than they want for fear of being labelled a job hopper.  This seems completely unbeneficial to both the employee and employee and what a waste of precious time!


So it seems that unless a person is 100% happy, motivated and committed in every job throughout their life, regularly promoted and changes companies every 3-5 years there isn’t a way to escape the dreaded job hopper label!  If you start a new job and realise you aren’t happy then you have to waste another year of your life stuck in the job because you are worried about what it will look like on your CV…….


Well fear no longer.  What constitutes a job hopper in one persons mind, is completely different to another.   I have seen many CV’s over the years and only a very small percentage I would describe as an actual job hopper with the negative connotations attached as above.  If the person has strong relevant experience then I wouldn’t rule that person out and would take the time to find out about their career history.  Even if a person has only just started a new role and wants to leave due to it not meeting their expectations then it can actually be better to leave straight away rather than trying to stick it out and leaving within a year.  A scenario like this can be explained to the new potential employer and although they may act with caution, if the person is genuine and has a solid work history then it shouldn’t affect the hiring decision.


I also think that the market is becoming more flexible and open minded in this area, where people are allowed to have a less rigid CV and not be penalised for it.  People can work full or part time whilst taking on entrepreneurial side projects.  They can also be self employed freelancers, business owners, or work in contracts then go back to permanent employment or take time off to travel or work on other projects.   Also, forward thinking companies like to hire a wide range of talent and some of the most dynamic and ambitious people might have an entrepreneurial and well travelled background.   If you are concerned about being labelled a job hopper then seek advice before making a decision to stay unhappy in a role as it may be unnecessary, and even an occasional ‘job hop’ for no particular reason is forgivable on a CV amongst a lifetimes career.


December is the perfect time to start thinking about a new career possibilities and be ready for new openings in January.  If you would like to discuss your CV and career options in Gibraltar then please feel free to get in touch with a consultant at Castle Hill Recruitment: