How to secure a job in the Online Gaming Industry in Gibraltar

By 8th May 2017News

How to secure a job in the Online Gaming Industry in Gibraltar

If you’ve decided to relocate to Gibraltar or one of the surrounding Spanish towns and are looking for a suitable position in Gibraltar within the online gaming industry then this article will provide you with some information on how to start.

Plan your relocation and consider the move carefully

Research into relocation so that you are sure that the move is right for you (and also your partner & family if applicable). If your skill set is very strong for a particular role then the company will pay for your relocation, including up to 1-3 months accommodation and other relocation expenses such as flight and shipping of belongings. However, make sure you have researched and planned sufficiently so that you are in a position to relocate when a job offer is made. Sometimes companies will only consider candidates who are already living in the local area, so this can be more tricky and you may decide to relocate first before you find employment. If you decide to take this route then make sure you have sufficient funds to last at least a few months. If you are unsure about whether to take the risk then research into the types of roles that come up in Gibraltar and how often. It may also be worth making a call to some recruiters to ask their opinion about your chances of securing employment in Gibraltar.

Be realistic with your expectations

Some people are lucky enough to secure a pay increase and a step up in career from their last position in the UK or Europe which is fantastic. However, many people choose to relocate to the area for the lifestyle and it is common for people to stay on a similar package or even take a decrease in pay. There are no set rules, it can depend on so many factors. If you speak to a recruiter then be honest about the type of role and salary that you would expect and the factors that are important to you. Also ask for their opinion about your expectations and how realistic they are, as well as if they have any insight to the other competing candidates for the role.

Be prepared to wait for a suitable position

The market in Gibraltar is small and it can take time for a suitable position to become available. Although it can be frustrating, be patient and hopefully the right position will become available. You don’t need to continue applying to the same or similar roles which will keep landing in the same inboxes. However, it may be worth sending a polite email to your chosen recruiters every 3-6 months to let them know that you are still actively looking so that they will know to contact you with priority as soon as a relevant position becomes available.

Reformat your CV if needed

The general rule for a good CV is to make the format clear, easy to read and including sufficient information, particularly with regards to work experience and achievements in your most recent position(s). We see many CV’s every day and the best ones are those which stick to a plain format and do not try too hard to “stand out from the crowd”. Your recruiter will advise you to add or change information if necessary before submitting your application to a particular role however it’s important to get the basics right. Please feel free to request a CV guide from

Show commitment during the in the interview process

The interview processes for online gaming positions in Gibraltar can be lengthy and demanding. Some positions will include up to 5 stages of interview including Skype interviews, written / online assessment and face to face interviews and assessments / presentations. The decision makers will not only be analysing your particular skills but also your enthusiasm for the role and company, as well as your commitment to relocation. It’s important to be well prepared, and be willing to take time off work to complete deadlines for assessments or take a trip at short notice for a face to face interview. Please request an interview guide from which is specific to the online gaming industry in Gibraltar.

If at first you don’t succeed….

There can be much competition for positions in Gibraltar in the online gaming industry, and if you are not selected for a particular role then it doesn’t mean that you will not be successful next time. Be patient and learn from each interview and selection process. In between waiting for the next role, use the time to improve relevant skills by taking online courses, take on extra activities at work, attend networking events and even try unpaid work experience / relevant side projects.

Please contact for a free information pack about working in the online gaming industry and also relocation to Gibraltar / Southern Spain. Also check out our YouTube video: Relocation to Gibraltar and Working in the Online Gaming Industry.

Good luck in your job search for Online Gaming Jobs in Gibraltar!