Emma Heyde gives some insight into the recruitment and relocation of professionals to work for Lottoland in Gibraltar

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The Online Gaming industry in Gibraltar offers a vast array of career opportunities. With people coming from all backgrounds and areas of experience such as marketing, Technology & Operations. Many people even start from entry level, the all-important foot in the door often leading to a prosperous career in the industry. I recently caught up with Lottoland’s Talent Acquisition Manager Emma Heyde to get her perspective of life in ‘Online Gaming in Gibraltar’…

Me: Hello Emma, tell me a bit about your role and what it entails

Emma: As the Talent Acquisition Manager my responsibility is to attract and retain talented and innovative professionals to join Lottoland – The fastest growing online lottery betting company in Europe. We relocate talent from Europe and occasionally globally depending on the need. Attracting candidates to relocate to Gibraltar or Spain can be equally as challenging as finding the individual with the right skills set and company fit.

Me: Do you recruit for specific roles only?

Emma: No, I support with recruitment for all roles within Lottoland. We’re a global online digital company with a constant need for professionals in all areas of the business.

Lottoland was established just over three years ago and has grown to in excess of 220 people to-date. Germany is still the main market for Lottoland but over the past year we have experienced rapid growth in other markets including the UK, Sweden, Ireland and Australia. The main roles for 2016 have been within finance, marketing, CRM, BI and customer service. We expect to experience additional growth in 2017.

Me: Would a potential recruit necessarily need experience within the industry or do you also cater for people at ‘the bottom of the ladder’?

Emma: We review applicants CV’s based on their current skill set and experiences, sometimes hiring managers prefer experience outside of the gaming industry, in many cases an e-commerce background is desirable.

Me: Does Lottoland offer any relocation packages?

Emma:  We offer tailor made relocation packages to meet the needs of their circumstances, we want to ensure new employees receive support and guidance during the transition. We provide them with a comprehensive relocation fact file which includes details on local schools, estate agents, banking and local authorities. Lottoland’s relocation package includes flights and luggage allowance, we also offer temporary accommodation in our company apartments and a collection service from the airport.

Me: Do you live in Spain or Gib?

Emma: I live in Duquesa, It’s a small multi-cultural community about half an hour up the coast in Spain. I like it as there are many shops, bars, restaurants and walks. It’s very beautiful.

Me: Would you say it’s easy to adapt to this lifestyle?

Emma: Definitely! If you receive support from your employer – you can quickly adjust to your new life and enjoy a great work/life balance!

Me: You mention ‘schooling’… so you cater for family members too?

Emma: Absolutely! When we interview applicants we don’t just ask them about their skills and experience, we’re asking them about the full picture. “What does your wife do?” “How old are your kids?” Making sure their children’s welfare is met is of upmost importance to us.

Me: So, in terms of character, what sort of person do you tend to recruit?

Emma: We look for people that are passionate about their skill set, the role and the company. We want to see that spark of innovation, that they have a skill that will allow them to excel in their role and also that they will be challenged! Sometimes we have responsibilities outside of the 9-5 remit, so we look for individuals that are dedicated to their role, they need to be diverse and eager to make a difference. In some interviews, we conduct a psychometric test to gauge behaviours and understand how an individual would be best managed. All applicants in the interview stage will complete assessments based on the relevant skills required in the role. We can then identify their thought processes and strengths.

Me: How easy or difficult it is to move up the ladder at Lottoland?

Emma: We have high standards here but good workers can make their way up the hierarchy quite quickly. We have people who were recruited only 18 months ago working in senior positions or within Management now. We try to recruit internally first -if we can. Employees are offered the chance to apply a week before we advertise externally. This promotes internal progression as Lottolanders know the product and the business.

Me: How would you compare the working culture here in Gibraltar to the UK?

Emma: Gibraltar has a large online gaming community, many people know the same people and it’s very easy to network and meet new people through interacting with colleagues, and in the local community. I think it’s a very sociable industry on a small Rock! Here at Lottoland we are empowered to do the job right and we are treated as adults, there is no micro-management here! The environment is more laid back than the UK but in many ways we work harder!

Me: How would you sell Gibraltar to a potential candidate?

Emma: Easy – the opportunities are endless! Where else can you decide between skiing up in Sierra Nevada, or kitesurfing in Tarifa, or day tripping to Morocco? When you come over here it’s like a new lease of life. You’re not waking up on a Saturday morning thinking I need to go to Sainsbury’s or Tesco’s, you’re thinking “beach!”

Me: Where are the best places to live in the area?

Emma: Spain and Gibraltar are two very different places to live. If you like the tight-knit urban lifestyle, and convenience of walking everywhere then Gib is great. I myself enjoy living in nearby Spain, it’s an opportunity to disconnect, to get away from the hustle and bustle of life on the Rock. I love being sat in my garden or balcony overlooking the sea just enjoying my own space. Having the best of both is a unique and great experience!

Me: So, what makes Lottoland a great place to work?

Emma: We’ve had some amazing triumphs this year and won several awards! We’re a company that is moving so fast in the right directions and is going from strength-to-strength. We used to be a company no one had really heard about, but now I have friends messaging me with screenshots of the Lottoland app being number 1 on iTunes, and I see Lottoland TV adverts with our brand ambassador; Chris Tarrant. Our product is so unique, customers can bet on the outcome of over 29 lotteries globally. There’s so much going on right now, we’ve opened an office in Australia and Asia and expanded the Ocean Village offices from the original 3 to 5.

Me: As a recruiter, what is the most FAQ you receive and how do you respond?

Emma: When we interview applicants they are often concerned about their partner’s careers and possible chances of work. We try to help as much as possible and introduce them to recruiters in the area, we also send them links to local Facebook job boards and details on opportunities we may have within Lottoland. Taxation questions are also very common.

Me: You guys assist plenty in terms of relocation, is there anything you don’t offer that people should be aware of?

Emma: We have a wholesome benefits package including private healthcare, annual bonus, relocation assistance and reduced gym membership. We don’t have a pension plan.

Me: And finally, how would you sum up Lottoland in one word?

Emma: Dynamic!

A massive thanks to Emma Heyde for her time. We’ll continue our series of articles with other professionals in the industry, so please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to participate in this project. Contact us on robin@castlehillrecruitment.com.


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