Location Location Location! Positions in Gibraltar, Malta, Malaga & Spain (Remote)!

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  Current Vacancy Update: 28th JUNE with positions in Gibraltar, Malta, Malaga & Spain (Remote)! Backend Software Engineer (Malaga) Chinese (Mandarin) Customer Account Advisors (Malta) Cloud Engineer Copywriter (German) CRM (German) Customer Due Diligence and Risk Operations Manager Devops Engineer Devops Engineer (Malaga( Gaming and Casino Professionals (Malta) German Customer Service Advisor Head of Analytics HR Manager / Administrator Java Developer (Sportsbook) Marketing Product Manager NetOps Engineer Security Engineer Senior Due diligence Manager Senior Fraud & Risk Manager Senior Java Developer Senior Java Developer (Malaga) Senior Software Developer | Blockchain / Poker Platform (Remote) Senior Software Developer Poker Games (Remote) Social Media Aquisition Executive Software Engineer – Java  Software Engineer – Web Software Engineer (Test) iOS Software Engineer Test  (Malaga) Spanish Casino Country Manager Spanish CRM Specialist Spanish VIP Account Manager Sportsbook Executive System DevOps Temporary HR Advisor UI Designer UI Developer Please visit for the full list of vacancies or send your CV to  

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Brexit Update for Cross Border Gibraltar Workers

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Quite understandably a number of candidates have been asking us about the situation in regards to Brexit, particularly EU &UK  nationals working in Gibraltar and frontier workers (those who live in Spain and travel across the border to work in Gibraltar).   Although in the result of the 2016 referendum was a disappointing result for Gibraltar with 96% of the population voting to stay in the EU, the vast majority of Online Gaming companies shortly afterwards publicly declared their intention to stay in Gibraltar following the decision made by the UK to leave the EU.   Gibraltar is still seen as a worldwide hub for the Online Gaming Industry and despite the result businesses believe that the benefits of remaining in Gibraltar remain advantageous.  One of the reasons for this is that given it’s attractive location and welcoming of talent from all over the EU businesses have built cosmopolitan and multi talented teams.  Even during times of uncertainty companies are continuing to grow, and continuing to add to their teams with the confidence that Gibraltar will remain the home of these successful businesses.   As a large majority of UK and EU workers coming to the area choose to settle…

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travelling and weekend breaks within 3 hours drive of Gibraltar such as sierra nevada, granada, ronda, jerez and marbella

Ski Chains, Trains and Automobiles – Our Top Weekend Trips for Gibraltar Workers

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Living in Spain and working in Gibraltar is quite a special way of life and although every weekend is like a mini holiday in the summer, us Gibraltar workers are also spoilt with some amazing locations within just a few hour’s drive too!
The team at Castle Hill here today have narrowed it down to tell you about 4 of our favourite weekend travel destinations….
Chris: Granada & Ski
Pack up your ski gear on the Friday after work and take the easy 3 hour drive to Granada. Stroll through the traditional streets of Granada stopping for a free tapas with every drink….

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Susanna Kosic, a Full Stack Developer in Gibraltar says: I ♥ my job!

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‘Hallelujah, I’ve finally found a developer!’ Not a sentiment I would have imagined myself thinking a few months ago but one that apparently isn’t uncommon to Recruitment Agents, HR Personnel and IT Managers here in Gibraltar.

I’ve been looking for a developer to speak to for a while now, I didn’t mind if it was software, web, front-end, full stack, heck, I don’t even know what the distinction is between those things anyway – but I want to get an insight into what it’s like to be a developer here within the iGaming or Cryptocurrency industries. I want to know what it has to offer and why there is such a demand for them.

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Gibraltar springs into a blossoming new industry: Michael Greenberg interview Part 1

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It’s a beautiful Wednesday afternoon, it’s sunny and everyone seems to be in a good mood. I’ve been sent to meet with Michael Greenberg, founder of and independent business development consultant – who I’m told is a bit of an expert on cryptocurrency – especially ICOs. My mission, should I choose to accept it – is to get a better idea of the ‘space’ that crypto is in right now, in terms of regulations, start-ups, market position and to try to glean what impact that will have on Gibraltar and the industry here. According to my sources – Michael is the man to help me with that.

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Living My Dream – working as a Technical Recruiter (relocating Java & Web experts to Gibraltar that is!)

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I have been living in Southern Spain for 7 years now. I always kind of knew that I wouldn’t stay in Poland forever but never imagined my life would be so great in the Southern Spain.

Working in Gibraltar and living in Spain is a common way of living for those who decided to pursue a career in the iGaming industry (and soon in the crypto industry). Crossing the border twice a day is not a problem if you choose to walk or go by bicycle or motorbike. I admit entering Gibraltar by car is very courageous given that not many parking spaces…

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Extracrypticular activities….. Why would I spend my Saturday at a conference?

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It’s a sunny Saturday in February at my home in Torreguadiaro, Spain. So, what is on the agenda for today, meeting friends for Tapas? A trip away, perhaps Sierra Nevada? Or just keep it simple by cooking a nice lunch and taking the dog to the beach? No… I’m about to drive to Gibraltar for a Cryptocurrency conference. “This is madness” I hear the imaginary crowd say…… “You work all week in Gibraltar, why on earth would you drive back there to do a “work thing”? And actually….. why would I?

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