Brexit Update for Cross Border Gibraltar Workers

By 7th February 2019News, Uncategorised
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Quite understandably a number of candidates have been asking us about the situation in regards to Brexit, particularly EU &UK  nationals working in Gibraltar and frontier workers (those who live in Spain and travel across the border to work in Gibraltar).


Although in the result of the 2016 referendum was a disappointing result for Gibraltar with 96% of the population voting to stay in the EU, the vast majority of Online Gaming companies shortly afterwards publicly declared their intention to stay in Gibraltar following the decision made by the UK to leave the EU.


Gibraltar is still seen as a worldwide hub for the Online Gaming Industry and despite the result businesses believe that the benefits of remaining in Gibraltar remain advantageous.  One of the reasons for this is that given it’s attractive location and welcoming of talent from all over the EU businesses have built cosmopolitan and multi talented teams.  Even during times of uncertainty companies are continuing to grow, and continuing to add to their teams with the confidence that Gibraltar will remain the home of these successful businesses.


As a large majority of UK and EU workers coming to the area choose to settle in the nearby Town’s and Village’s of Southern Spain, understandably crossing the border to work on a daily basis is a concern moving forward.  However both the Governments of Gibraltar and Spain in December 2018 agreed a Memorandum of Understanding on Citizens rights (source included in this are the following points protecting the rights or cross border workers during and after any withdrawal period of the UK leaving the EU:


  • The United Kingdom and Spain will facilitate the procedures for recognition of rights and benefits to workers and frontier workers.


  • Social benefits will be extended to workers on both sides, under current and future arrangements, in full respect of the principle of non-discrimination.


In regards to UK citizens wanting to live in Spain after Brexit at this moment in time they will need to apply for a Visa (non-profit) and this will be a straightforward process, however proof of Private Healthcare (the majority of companies in Gibraltar provide this) proof of funds etc will be needed.  As at present a Spanish Tax declaration will still be needed to be made.  Those living legally in Spain for 5 years will maintain their current rights.


Although not every single question can be answered at this time, it is clear that businesses want to remain in Gibraltar, are hiring in large numbers, and both Gibraltar and Spanish governments want to allow the border to flow with minimal negative impact for cross border workers.