Blockchain is everywhere… especially at the Blockchain & Bitcoin conference in Gibraltar

By 12th February 2018News

I have worked in Technology recruitment since 2006, and for the past 9 years have been recruiting within the niche market of iGaming in Gibraltar.  It’s an exciting industry on the cutting edge of technology, and totally unique in terms of recruitment; as I am not only talking to people about their career goals and matching them with great companies, I am also talking to them about relocation.

I chose to relocate to this area as I had already been working with one of the gaming companies when I was living in Manchester, and after talking through relocation with one of my candidates, I actually sold the idea to myself.  Why not try a change of lifestyle from the grey, busy and frosty Manchester (yes it was January) to the exotic, laid back coast of Southern Spain?

The gaming industry was booming back then and it still is. I have been working with the leading brands for many years now, and I have been privileged to see many developments along the way.  The result of the Brexit referendum came as a shock to us all and initially caused uncertainty to say the least, but I personally still have a solidy optimistic view towards the future of Gibraltar. Whilst I have been gung-ho/carrying on as normal, meeting the demands of our iGaming clients, another industry has been bubbling under the surface.  That industry is Blockchain.

Yes, Crypto, blockchain, FinTech – all of that new world is coming to Gibraltar and it seems as exciting as it must have been as when iGaming first arrived in Gib. I wasn’t here for the very start of the iGaming industry boom but I’m here for the start of this industry. And what better way to throw myself into this world than by going to a conference? So I booked myself and my colleagues on the the Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Gibraltar 2018.

The conference, held on the Sunborn (Gibraltar’s 5* yacht hotel), included speakers from a multitude of relevant companies plus many Gibraltar regulators, lawyers, compliance professionals who comprise of the basis for the knowledge behind the regulation of crypto in Gibraltar. During the speeches I felt the common goal that there was a desire to regulate the industry, such as had been done with iGaming. In regards to the regulation of Blockchain, Gibraltar is leading the way and it becomes apparent during the conference that we have the right supply of talented, educated professionals who can work towards common goals for the new, innovative world. It became quite obvious that Gibraltar is looking to create a framework that is both specific and flexible to help companies succeed in an industry that is widely seen to be unregulated.

So for the sceptics out there, isn’t this industry all based upon speculation? All one big bubble? Likely to implode at any moment? Well, I had my doubts too… But after hearing speeches by serious businesses operating within the blockchain technology industry – including the very impressive Medicalchain who had raised millions of dollars through ICOs, and are set to impact the healthcare industry dramatically – I started to believe that this more than the whole thing isn’t one big “ponzi” scheme. Another company that stood out was the equally impressive LeadCoin who are using blockchain to disrupt a number of industries such as banking, insurance and supply chain.

The conference is going well and I’m and impressed by the speakers so far. And then Christopher Emms (COO of TokenKey) begins his talk. Christopher is certainly the most punchy and engaging speaker of the day. Some of points he made that really stood out were….

1. In the early 1990’s only 0.05% of people had access to email.
2. Web 2.0 is the current model where social, sharing and mobile is the norm across 95% of the population
3. Web 3.0 (this is the blockchain) –  currently only 0.5% of the world’s population have crypto or tokens
4. It is predicted within with 8 years a that 95% of the world’s population will have some form of adaptation of crypto

At that moment it became apparent to me that the blockchain technolgogy is not a fad. I firmly believe that it will become a huge part of our future. And by all accounts,  this could be the new internet and Gibraltar will lead the way!

Thank you to all the presenters at The SMILE EXPO conference 2018, I look forward to the progressions of this industry.

By Thomas Pearson