iGaming, Tech & Digital Recruitment Agency in Gibraltar & Spain

Based in Gibraltar, we recruit for the iGaming, tech and digital companies, finding and relocating skilled professionals from across Europe to work in Gibraltar and Spain.  We have the market knowledge and experience necessary to provide an outstanding service, bespoke to our clients in Gibraltar and Spain. With regards to our candidates, we aim to ensure that they are well informed, prepared, and have the optimum chance of making a positive impression to the client. Our candidates have confidence in our representation and clients are safe in the knowledge they will be making a worthwhile investment of their time and resources.

Taking the hassle out of recruitment

With a selection of recruitment agencies in Gibraltar and Spain to choose from, our clients expectations are very high. We don’t bombard our client’s with CV’s or send CV’s for roles that are not live. We fully screen every candidate for each role and work alongside our clients to make sure they only receive applications from those candidates who have the relevant skills and experience, and are genuinely interested in the opportunity. We answer all inquiries as quickly as possible and always aim to provide an efficient, professional and helpful service. We understand that to survive as one of the top Gibraltar recruitment agencies, we aim to save our clients valuable time in their recruitment process and therefore adopt a very strict “quality over quantity” policy.

Access to most iGaming, Tech and Digital jobs in Gibraltar and Spain

Working with the majority of the iGaming companies in Gibraltar, as well as a broad access to Tech and digital industries, our candidates will have access to a huge variety of Gibraltar and Spanish job opportunities. We also have access to some exclusive positions which means by registering with Castle Hill our candidates have a greater chance of securing their ideal job in Gibraltar or Spain. Castle Hill are regarded as one of the top recruitment agencies in Gibraltar and our candidates are safe in the knowledge that they are being represented by an agency that is trusted and well regarded with-in the iGaming, tech & digital industries.

Reliable and honest service

We believe honesty is the best policy. Our recruitment consultants are trusted in the market because we provide honest and detailed information to both clients and candidates. Any concerns or problems are dealt with upfront at the earliest opportunity. We are 100% supportive towards our clients and candidates goals, never trying to push square pegs into round holes. To be continually regarded as one of the leading Gibraltar recruitment agencies, we understand that it is very important to have integrity in order to build long term, trusted relationships.

Pure iGaming, Tech & Digital Specialists

Castle Hill are not only one of the leading  recruitment agencies in Gibraltar, we are also specialist recruiters within the iGaming, tech and digital industries and are completely focused on these niche markets. We are proud to be located in Gibraltar due to its standing within the iGaming world, and are experts in relocating talented professionals to work in this exciting industry and location. We are on the ball when it comes to iGaming, tech and digital industry developments and are able to converse with senior industry professionals, as well as explain the benefits and opportunities to junior level job seekers wishing to start their career in Gibraltar or Spain. We also provide very detailed information to all our candidates about the iGaming, tech & digital industries also about every company we are proudly represent. Our knowledge, passion and dedication to the gaming industry assure our clients that we are delivering the best quality service possible.

Great resources

Always striving to attract the best candidates, we actively utilise a vast range of resources in order to provide our clients with an excellent choice of candidates, including a significant range of job boards, paid databases and social media. Our LinkedIn Group Castle Hill Recruitment – iGaming, Tech & Digital Jobs in Gibraltar & Spain has almost 6,000 members and over 55,000 views on our YouTube video! However, we do not stop there as we have a keen awareness of both passive and active candidates in the job market and our active headhunting means many candidates are exclusive to us. We don’t just recruit candidates experienced within the iGaming, tech & digital industries, and candidates we recruit are chosen for their particular skill set.

We are experienced

We are highly trained and experienced consultants with strong iGaming, tech & digital industries knowledge gained both in the UK and Gibraltar. We have the market knowledge and experience to bring the best iGaming & tech, and digital ndustry professionals together to create innovative and dynamic partnerships.

Meet our Team

Please feel free to view for more information:

Thomas Pearson
Partner / Consultant – Senior Appointments – iGaming, Tech & Digital

Danielle Nason
Partner / Consultant – Operations, Marketing & Languages

General Applications
Jobs – iGaming, Tech & Digital

Chris Conlon
Consultant – iGaming Tech & Digital